We Don't Treat Symptoms at Age Reversal Medicine

Chronic Illness

We Don't Treat Symptoms

Our approach to chronic illness and pain is to understand what is causing the pain, what factors are contributing to the prolonged illness or sadness in your life?  With a holistic understanding of your health history Age Reversal Medicine brings a host of experience, skills and methods to bear which you will not find in many places.  You might be used to receiving drugs to address symptoms, or offered surgery to remove what is not clearly understood by traditional medicine.  We will look at you from a different perspective:

– How are your hormone levels?
– What illness are you currently suffering from?
– Have you heard about BioIdentical Compounding which, when needed, are natural formulations of plant extracts expressly designed for you.
– Peptides, which act like food and nutrition to your body and can be absorbed and used to protect you and help to stave off disease.

Chronic Illness Can Be A Thing Of The Past working with Age Reversal Medicine

A Holistic Approach

Understand The Individual Story

We perform a preliminary consultation where you will be given a blood test, a history will be discussed, and recorded, and once the test results come back then you meet with our Chronic Illness specialist to go over your history, and fill in the gaps, discuss the test results to see how they are matching up with with the health problems you face.   You may be used to being diagnosed within a 15 minute window and sent on your way with an antibiotic.
Our approach is holistic.  We need the entire picture.  Not just symptoms, but other issues about lifestyle, diet, exercise, and hydration all play important roles in the approach taken for your specific situation.
It does not stop here.  It is equally important to follow up and monitor your condition and symptoms to ensure that the plan which has been put into action is working for you.  You want results, not excuses.  Plans sometimes need modification so keeping in touch and performing periodic re-evaluations is important to ensure that you do get the results you want and that we are setting you up to maintain your health over the long haul.