BHRT at Age Reversal Medicine can get you back in the game

Most Weight Loss Programs Fail

We Focus On The Cause Of Obesity

Any weight loss program that simply focuses on weight without understanding its causes is doomed to fail. Some may lose a significant amount of weight, but it is often regained, and worse, more weight is put back on than at the start of the program.

Inflammation is the leading cause of Obesity

So What Is The Primary Cause Of Obesity?

Inflammation and more Inflammation

Inflammation causes the body to increase fat cells and fat storage, and fat cells cause inflammation; it’s a vicious cycle. No one can successfully get out of the fat storage cycle without stopping the inflammation.

So what are the causes of Inflammation?

There are many unfortunately...

Circadian Rhythms

Going To Bed Late
Getting Up Late
Blue Light Exposure in darkness

Sleep Deprivation

Poor Sleep Habits
Less Than 7 Hours Sleep
Fitful Sleep
Distractions to restful sleep

Many Medications

Cause Inflammation
Antibiotics, etc.

Unhealthy Gut

Your Second Brain
History of Antibiotic Use
Food Allergies
Diets Heavy in Grains

Poor Diet

We Love Junk Food
Diet High In Fat & Simple Carbs
Causes Insulin Resistance and Inflammation

Hormone Levels

As we age Estrogen gets stored in fat and is released into the bloodstream causing inflammation and more fat.

What Does Age Reversal Medicine Do About Inflamamtion?

We Dig Deep To Understand Your Inflammation Causes

Age Reversal Medicine needs to address all sources of inflammation.  How?

  • Repair the gut
  • Fix circadian rhythm issues
  • Treat Infections
  • Examine and test for proper hormone levels
  • Fix Sleep issues
  • Avoiding Inflammatory Medications (We may be able to offer alternatives)
  • Many other methods which need a proper consultation